Overview & Mission

H Bank Technology Inc. is the leading hydrogen storage and purification system manufacturing and consultant company registered in Taiwan. Our core-tech team has been accumulating more than 30 years of experience in studying metal hydrides and its applications. With the background of such indomitable devotion and peerless achievements in metal hydride technology, we have successfully commercialized our technology to meet the demands of different markets, such as Analytical Instruments, Fuel Cells and energy saving mixed fuel Burners, et al.

Fuel cell market: our products are considered as an excellent hydrogen storage solution in the renewable energy projects. With the widespread recognition, H Bank's hydrogen storage systems are de facto a symbol of the best hydrogen storage solutions for 1-20KW FC devices. Our products have been successfully tested in dozens of laboratories in Europe, North America and Asia with different experimental fuel cells as well as with standard FC products from Plug Power, Ballard, Voller, FC R&D, et al. Due to his experienced R&D team, H Bank is able in very short period of time design the right compositions for the storage alloys and offer to his customers high quality tailor made storage products, which can fully meet their demands.

Analytical instruments market: in the past few years we have successfully replaced the traditional high-pressure hydrogen cylinders and hydrogen generators, used in the VOC/THC stations of Taiwan's Environment Protection Bureau, with our hydrogen storage systems. At present our products are widely used also in few dozens of different profile laboratories in Taiwan as well as in over 10 countries. They were tested and currently are used with number of GC, GC-MS, GC-FID models, produced by almost all worldwide known manufacturers: Agilent, Thermo, Signal Instruments, HP, Toshiba, SRI, Baseline MOCON Inc., et al. Moreover, Photovac Inc.(USA) and J.U.M. Engineering (Germany) have already designed new models of portable gas analyser with mounted inside our 50 liter hydrogen storage.

Energy saving market: hydrogen is the only ecological clean and one of the most caloric fuels. Replacing 8-10 %wt of traditional fuel with hydrogen can save from 40 up to 60% of fossil fuels. For example, adding 8% of hydrogen into the burning mixture of small unmanned airplanes engine can save up to 50% of methanol fuel. HBank is actively collaborating in this R&D field with few companies in design of mixed burners for various applications. We hope within less one year 2-3 new models with hydrogen mixed fuel burners can be already offered to customers.


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